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Buying a dog in Israel

A dog is a man's friend. This fact cannot be contested, because this animal is distinguished by the true and unwavering devotion of its owner. Such a pet will not only give pleasant emotions, but also be able to protect the housing and its inhabitants. Dogs are very much appreciated in Israel, so it is very difficult to buy a good puppy in pet stores or private nurseries. In addition, the price of popular breeds is quite high and not everyone can afford it. If you decide to get a four-legged friend or give your children a pleasant surprise, but are on a tight budget, do not despair. You can buy an excellent dog in Tel Aviv or any other city in the country using the convenient and popular ACOL service. This is a kind of online bulletin board, where you can buy goods for every taste - from a set of needles for needlework to real estate and exotic animals. Dogs are no exception. Here you can find what you need at a completely affordable price. The advantages of purchasing animals in this service include:

    a wide range of dog breeds;

    reasonable prices, you can bargain with the owners of animals;

    In addition to the pets themselves, you can buy related products: food, vitamins, houses, sunbeds, collars, leashes and so on;

    Convenient navigation on the site will help you quickly find the right dog;

    The ability to choose a puppy without leaving the house and even involve the children in this activity.

All you need to do for a successful search is to enter the necessary information about the dog you want to buy: breed, age, color, reasonable price, the city you plan to buy (for example, buying a dog in Haifa or Jerusalem), etc. In a few seconds, The system will give a result - a list of all dogs with photos that match the request.

The dog in the house: the responsibility of the animal

Before you make a four-legged friend in your home, you need to weigh the pros and cons. With a new pet, there will be new responsibilities and expenses. You will have to:

    you have a lot of free time to walk the dog (if you live in an apartment);

    Spending part of the budget on the needs of the animal (food, accessories, visits to the vet, etc.);

    Get used to the fact that the dog is an eternal child prone to unintended and unexpected pranks and tricks;

    They give attention and love, because young friends subtly feel a cold-blooded attitude towards them and suffer for this.

Buying a dog in Israel means taking responsibility for his life and a comfortable stay surrounded by family members. But believe me, these animals will thank you with sincere love. With them, life will change for the better, it will become richer and more emotional. No one will wait for you from work or from a business trip like your beloved loyal dog. It's not boring with him. This is especially important for single elderly people who live far from their relatives. Whatever one may say - walking the dog in the fresh air requires some physical effort, which has a positive effect on the state of health. A loyal dog is able to protect your property from thieves, create a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere in the house and become a true friend.

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