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Motorcycles and motor vehicles

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Motorcycles and sportbikes in Israel

To have freedom of movement and mobility today it is not necessary to buy a car. Buying motorbikes and vehicles in Israel is one of the simplest and most affordable solutions so as not to be tied to public transportation.

Good road surface in all regions of the country allows you to ride motorcycles comfortably. In addition, the mild climate of Israel makes outdoor riding available at any time of the year. Compared with automobile technology, motorcycles have the following advantages:

● low operating cost;

● simplified repair procedure;

● lower fuel consumption;

● convenient parking;

● The ability to easily overcome congestion and traffic jams.

Riding a motorcycle is fun and exciting. The joy of total motion control is incomparable. Many people like the oncoming airflow, and it is worth buying a motorcycle in Israel precisely because of this.

ACOL has advertisements for the sale and purchase of cars in all regions. With our help, you can choose the most suitable two-wheeled vehicle to buy in just a few minutes.

How to choose a motorcycle

Depending on the purpose, there are several popular types of motorcycles. The easiest way is to buy a scooter, which is a small motorcycle with an engine capacity of 50 cubic centimeters. This compact car will suffice if fast city travel is not a priority. The scooter is also suitable for moving between settlements if the distance is not too great. There are also other types of motor vehicles in Tel Aviv, Haifa and other cities of the country that are of interest:

1. The MaxiCooter looks like the younger models, but in fact it is a full-fledged motorcycle with an engine capacity of 400 cc. It is very convenient to move around the city, as it provides more comfort to the driver and has better driving characteristics.

2. An advanced maxicooter is called that has a larger engine displacement and full motorcycle wheels. This type is ideal for long distance travel. Tourer is a motorcycle for travelers.

3. Cruisers and electric cruisers embody everything that distinguishes motorcycles. It looks solid and respectable on the road. The distinguishing external feature is the maximum chrome parts.

4. Many people in Israel prefer to buy an enduro. This type of motorcycle is great for extreme mountain riding. Lightweight and strong, holds up well.

5. Sports bikes are bought by experienced drivers and motorcycle enthusiasts. The power and speed of these two wheels rival cars.

Well, which one is better to buy - everyone decides for themselves.

Quick purchase of a motorcycle or equipment

ACOL offers a fast motorcycle purchase service in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Eilat and other major cities in Israel. To do this, you need to set the car brand and the city in which you want to make a purchase as search criteria in our online catalog. Each ad is provided with photos and an informative description, which makes it easier to choose.

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