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Collecting as a hobby in Israel

Since ancient times people love to buy or collect some very interesting items. Collecting in Israel is a very popular hobby that brings only positive emotions and good mood. ACOL can help you find the traces you need. Here you will find low prices and a large selection of all kinds of interesting items.

What is collected most often?

Various hobbies help a person not only develop, but also have a great time, escape from everyday problems. Collecting in Tel Aviv is very popular, because you can collect almost anything suitable:




     Religious monuments

     Antiques (antique clocks, samovars, tables and other items used in everyday life) and much more.

Today, assembly in Jerusalem has become much easier, because you can simply find everything you need on the Internet. A person who is fond of history can collect various things or knowledge related to a particular era or personality. For example, many culinary experts like to collect old recipes that belonged to royal courts or other important people.

Collecting in Bat Yam can be varied, there are people who collect first editions of famous writers or old newspapers. They give aesthetic pleasure, and also help to learn more about the traditions of that time.

Collecting the above relics can sometimes be difficult. They can be passed down from generation to generation, bought and sold in different locations.


ACOL helps collectors exchange, sell or buy various items at the best prices. It is designed so that anyone who lives in Israel can leave an ad. The site helps to find like-minded people, get advice on the possible cost of items.

Many people from the former Soviet Union live in Israel. They miss the good old days, so items related to that era are very popular.

Service advantages

The "ACOL" service appeared relatively recently, but is popular with collectors throughout Israel. This is largely due to the fact that a wide variety of antiquities are collected here, you can find items from different eras and countries.

Experts carefully study each advertisement, make sure that the information is as accurate as possible. Offers from authorized sellers are posted here, which helps avoid scams.

At the request of the client, the service will provide advertising throughout Israel. If the item you are interested in is far away, you can use a popular courier service for shipping and choose a suitable payment method. Such moments can be negotiated with the seller individually. If there are no suitable options now, leave your email address and the service will send a message, as soon as there are updates, do not miss the product.


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