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Hunting and fishing in Israel

Hunting and fishing in Israel is very popular, so it is well regulated by law. A correct policy has been developed here to conserve natural resources. The "ACOL" service offers a huge catalog of various products at the best prices. Here you will find favorable conditions for cooperation and friendly service.

Advantages of hunting and fishing

Israel is a country with access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of ​​Galilee, so fishing in Bat Yam and other coastal cities is well developed. Fishing can be practiced by companies as well as individuals. In both cases, you must have an appropriate license, as well as follow certain rules.

Hunting is strictly prohibited in the state using:

pneumatic cylinders (or any means of air supply);

coastal nets (sigmoidal);

Explosive, harmful or toxic substances.

In addition, there is a rule that fish of a certain size must be released.

Hunting in Haifa and other cities is now prohibited for most of the year. In addition, it is forbidden to hunt animals listed in the Red Book, as well as in many reserves.

What products can be found in the service

If you want to go fishing in Tiberias, you can use equipment designed for freshwater fish. In the ACOL service catalog you will find fishing tackle of the following types:




The choice depends on the personal preference of the fisherman, the fish he wants to catch, and the characteristics of the bottom. You can also buy here:

back bag

the shoes

suitable clothes


Highchair and more to make outdoor activities more fun and safer.

Fishing in Tel Aviv is a favorite pastime of many locals. As a rule, they combine fishing, diving and yachting, which are very developed in this region. On the service you can find equipment and costumes for rent, and an individual guide to where to hunt.

Hunting and fishing in Beit Shemesh is a kind of science that requires a huge amount of knowledge. On the site you can easily find the necessary literature, which will not only tell the legal basis of Israel on this issue, but also tell you what treatment is required, what time of day it is better to bite and other secrets of a good bite .

Collaboration benefits

Israel is a multicultural country where people from different countries live together. Russian is spoken by 20% of the population, so many institutions, travel agencies and shops serve visitors in this language. The ACOL service also aims to make it much easier to adapt, helping to find the necessary goods and services. Anyone can post an ad, from a large online store to fishing enthusiasts who want to sell vintage hunting gear or prints. Our moderators carefully check ads, see how correct the information is, and whether there are images.

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