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Bauhaus style offices for rent in Israel

29 september 2023 210
Bauhaus style offices for rent in Israel

Bauhaus office rentals in Israel offer a unique combination of historical architectural elegance and modern workspace functionality. The Bauhaus architectural style, characterized by minimalist design and an emphasis on functionality, is common in certain areas of Israel, especially Tel Aviv. Here is a guide to finding and renting Bauhaus style offices in Israel:

Tel Aviv - capital of the Bauhaus:

Tel Aviv is known as the "White City" due to its large collection of Bauhaus and International style buildings. Bauhaus architecture in the city dates back to the 1930s, when German Jewish architects fled Nazi persecution and took their design principles to then-British Mandate Palestine. Many of these historic buildings have been restored and repurposed into modern office space.

Rothschild Boulevard:

Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv is a great place to look for Bauhaus-style offices. This iconic boulevard is lined with well-preserved Bauhaus buildings and has become a hub for businesses and start-ups. Many of these buildings offer office space for rent.

Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv:

The Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is not only a cultural institution, but also a resource for finding Bauhaus-style offices. They can provide information about available rental space in historic Bauhaus buildings.

Collaboration spaces:

Some coworking spaces in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities are located in Bauhaus-style buildings. These spaces offer a unique combination of historic charm and modern amenities for companies looking for flexible workspace solutions.

Local real estate agencies:

Local real estate agencies and brokers specializing in commercial real estate in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can help you find Bauhaus-style offices that suit your specific needs and budget.

Networking and Events:

Attend local networking events, architecture-related exhibitions, and cultural festivals in Tel Aviv to network with professionals who may have information about Bauhaus office rentals.

Renovated buildings:

Look for renovated Bauhaus-style buildings that have been restored to their original splendor while incorporating modern office functions. These spaces often provide the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Budget considerations:

Keep in mind that while renting an office in a Bauhaus-style building can offer a unique and inspiring environment, it may cost more compared to more traditional office space.

Rental terms:

Negotiate lease terms with landlords, taking into account factors such as length of lease, rental price, and any necessary repairs or modifications to the premises.

Care and preservation:

Remember the historical and architectural significance of the building. Make sure that any renovations or modifications you make respect the heritage and integrity of the Bauhaus style.

In conclusion, Bauhaus style offices in Israel, especially Tel Aviv, offer a combination of historical charm and modern functionality. When searching for these unique office spaces, explore the iconic Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv's White City, network with the local business and architectural communities, and consider working with real estate professionals who specialize in commercial real estate. Renting a Bauhaus office can provide your business with a unique and inspiring workspace.


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