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NZXT C Series Power Supplies: Intelligent and Connected power supply

20 november 2023 131
NZXT C Series Power Supplies: Intelligent and Connected power supply

NZXT C Series Power Supplies: Smart and Connected Power

When it comes to choosing a power supply unit (PSU) for your computer, you want not only reliable and efficient power supply, but also smart features that make your system smarter and more connected. The NZXT C Series power supplies combine these qualities perfectly, delivering smart and innovative power to your PC.

Intelligent Fan Control

NZXT C power supplies are equipped with an intelligent fan control system. This system adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature of the power supply and the load. As a result, the fan runs quietly at low loads and continuously at higher loads. This ensures optimal cooling and minimal noise levels.

Integration with the NZXT CAM Platform

NZXT C Series power supplies are integrated with the NZXT CAM platform, allowing you to gain detailed information about your power supply's performance in real time. You can monitor the voltage, temperature and load of the power supply, and also configure its operation through the CAM user interface. This provides an additional level of control over your system.

Connected Power Management

NZXT C Series power supplies also provide integrated power management. You can turn the power supply on and off remotely via the NZXT CAM app. This can be useful if you want to turn on your computer from afar or turn it off when you are not using the system. This also allows for more efficient power management.

High Efficiency and Reliability

In addition to intelligent features, NZXT C series power supplies are highly efficient and reliable. They are often highly 80 PLUS certified, ensuring they operate efficiently and minimize energy waste. In addition, the power supplies have undergone rigorous testing to ensure a stable and reliable power supply.


The NZXT C Series power supplies combine intelligence, efficiency and reliability. They make your system smarter and more connected, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your energy supply. These power supplies are ideal for users who want to get the most out of their system and have complete control over their power consumption.

Upgrade your system with the NZXT C Series power supply and experience the difference in smart, efficient power. These power supplies offer innovative solutions for your system, delivering outstanding performance and control.


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