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Polk Audio HTS 12: Dynamic Subwoofer for Immersive Sound

15 december 2023 125
Polk Audio HTS 12: Dynamic Subwoofer for Immersive Sound

Name: Polk Audio HTS 12: Dynamic Subwoofer for Immersive Sound

Polk Audio HTS 12 is a powerful subwoofer designed to add extra depth and realism to your home audio system. This subwoofer is part of Polk Audio's HTS series and is renowned for its ability to create powerful and immersive sound with deep bass, making it a great addition to home theater and music audio systems. In this article, we'll look at the key features and capabilities of the Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer, highlighting why it's an excellent choice for those looking for outstanding low-frequency performance.

Powerful and Accurate Bass

The heart of the Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer is a 12-inch driver engineered to provide exceptional precision and depth in low-frequency reproduction. Whether you're watching fast-paced movies or listening to deep-bass music, HTS 12 ensures every low-frequency note is reproduced with clarity and power.

Built-in High Power Amplifier

To unlock the potential of the Polk Audio HTS 12 Subwoofer speaker, a high-power built-in Class D amplifier with an output power of 400 W RMS (800 W peak) is used. This powerful amplifier gives the subwoofer the ability to handle the most demanding low-frequency moments in movies and music, creating an ambience with rich, precise bass.

Power Port Technology for Improved Acoustics

The Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer uses unique Power Port technology that optimizes airflow and reduces port noise. This provides cleaner, more accurate bass reproduction while minimizing distortion.

Easy Control and Setup

The Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer provides convenient control with built-in settings, including phase, cutoff frequency and volume adjustments. This allows you to fine-tune the subwoofer to your audio system and room for optimal bass performance.

Completion and Durability

Polk Audio places great emphasis on the quality and durability of its products, and the HTS 12 subwoofer is no exception. The subwoofer has a stylish design and is made of high quality materials, minimizing resonances and vibrations. This not only contributes to excellent sound quality, but also adds an elegant look to your audio system.


The Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer is a powerful device that allows you to create rich and immersive sound with deep bass in your home audio system. Its combination of a high-quality speaker, powerful amplifier, Power Port technology and convenient controls makes it an excellent choice for both home theater and audiophile systems.

The Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer is more than just an addition to your system - it adds depth, precision and fun to your sound. With HTS 12 you can truly feel the power and emotion of the low frequencies. With Polk Audio HTS 12, your audio system will become fuller and richer, delivering unparalleled sound quality.


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