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The Best SFX power supplies for Small Form Factor assemblies

20 november 2023 191
The Best SFX power supplies for Small Form Factor assemblies

Best SFX Power Supplies for Small Form Factor Builds

Small form factor (SFF) COMPUTERS have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their compact size and portability. Building an SFF system requires careful consideration of each component, and one of the most important components is the power supply unit (PSU). SFX power supplies are specifically designed to fit into SFF chassis while providing reliable and efficient power. In this article, we'll look at some of the best SFX power supplies available for compact form factor builds.

1. Corsair SF


Corsair's SF series has long been a favorite among SFF enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of wattages including 450W, 600W, 750W and 850W to suit different power requirements. These power supplies are 80 PLUS Gold certified for high efficiency and minimal heat dissipation. Corsair SF power supplies are compact, making them perfect for even the smallest SFF cases. They are known for their reliability, low noise, and modular cables for clean assembly.

2. SilverStone SFX Series

The SilverStone brand is synonymous with SFF PC components, and their SFX series power supplies are no exception. The SX500-G and SX700-G models are popular choices. These power supplies are 80 PLUS Gold certified for efficient power conversion and a silent 92mm fan. They feature a compact SFX form factor, making them compatible with a wide range of SFF chassis. SilverStone SFX power supplies are known for their reliability and stable power delivery.


EVGA SuperNOVA GM Series offers SFX power supplies with 80 PLUS Gold certification. These power supplies are available in different wattages to suit your specific needs. EVGA is well known for its build quality and performance, and the SuperNOVA GM series is no exception. They feature a modular design for easy cable management and a silent fan for minimal noise, making them an excellent choice for SFF builds.

4. Seasonic FOCUS SGX

Seasonic's FOCUS SGX series includes SFX-L power supplies that are slightly longer than standard SFX units. This extra length provides more power and stability. They are 80 PLUS Gold certified and are known for their outstanding build quality and reliability. These SFX-L power supplies maintain Seasonic's reputation for consistent power performance, making them a reliable choice for demanding SFF installations.

5. Cooler Master V SFX Gold

Cooler Master V SFX Gold power supplies are compact and efficient options for SFF builds. They come in a variety of capacities and are 80 PLUS Gold certified for high efficiency. Cooler Master designed these power supplies with modularity in mind, allowing users to connect only the cables they need for a clean, organized build. They are known for their reliability and quiet operation.

6. Dagger FSP

The FSP Dagger series is designed with gaming and high-end SFF builds in mind. These SFX power supplies are 80 PLUS Gold certified and are available in a variety of power options. They are focused on stable and efficient power while maintaining a compact form factor. FSP Dagger power supplies are an excellent choice for those looking for reliable performance in a small package.

7. Keep calm! Power SFX L

rest easy! offers SFX-L power supplies for users who need a little more power in their small form factor systems. These power supplies are known for their low noise levels and high quality components that deliver reliable and efficient power delivery. Although SFX-L power supplies are slightly larger than standard SFX units, they are still compatible with many SFF chassis.

When choosing the best SFX power supply for your compact form factor build, consider your specific power requirements, available space inside the case, and any additional features you may need, such as modular cable management or more high efficiency indicators. Compatibility with your chassis and components is critical to creating a reliable, compact system with optimal performance. With the right SFX power supply, you can enjoy a powerful and efficient SFF PC without sacrificing performance or portability.


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